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The Skin Theory is an exceptional and progressive skincare, hair care, and wellness brand. Our very essence revolves around celebrating and upholding integrity in its purest and most genuine form. At the heart of our philosophy lies an unwavering commitment to honesty, underpinned by diligently researched clinical methodologies, all to bring you the most effective products.
Our approach is elegantly simple: we place your unique needs at the forefront, artfully blending products with intelligent formulations that deliver tangible results. Each product texture, consistency, and formulation undergoes rigorous quality analysis until we achieve perfection. Our unwavering dedication to excellence ensures that our products are of clinical grade, surpassing industry standards.
Inspired by the profound impact of positive change, we firmly believe that you have the power to transform the way your skin feels through a tailored and effective skincare regimen. Your journey to radiant and healthier skin starts with The Skin Theory, where integrity, research, and efficacy converge to deliver an unmatched experience of self-care and transformation.
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Dr Amna Ahmar.

A maestro in the field of dermatology in Pakistan, Consultant Dermatologist, Aesthetician and Laser Specialist, Dr Amna Ahmar is an exemplar of a perfect blend of education and skin care, cosmetic and aesthetic treatment expertise. Having done her Masters in Clinical Dermatology from the renowned Cardiff University (Wales) the United Kingdom, an award-winning dermatologist, Dr Amna Ahmar with her professional skin care services and precision strives to change the norms of skin care in Pakistan. Besides holding an MSc degree in Dermatology, she also enjoys the entitlement of having a Postgraduate Diploma in Dermatology from Cardiff University. She acquired pieces of training in Laser therapy, PRP, Botox and fillers, and other Aesthetic Procedures from the American Academy of Procedural Medicine after the completion of her post study fellowship. Dr Amna Ahmar is also an active proud member of the American Academy of Procedural Medicine since 2012.
An expert in performing the finest skin care, cosmetic dermatology, laser surgery and aesthetic treatments. She believes in enhancing natural beauty with the right combination of state-of-the-art skin care and skin disease treatments and products that fit all the complex skin types in Pakistan. With so much on the list to celebrate, Dr Amna Ahmar is also a successful entrepreneur widely known as the CEO at Cleo Clinical Care.