Hair Booster Shampoo


Description: A Sulphate Free Hair Booster Shampoo infused with ingredients to soften the hair shafts, hydrate the scalp, increase blood circulation to promote growth, stimulates follicles and also helps in cleaning the scalp completely.
It is a biotin rich shampoo with natural ingredients derived from Olives and Parsley.
Chamomile in the shampoo is added to soothe your scalp skin and allow you to have a relaxing hair washing experience.
Solution to all your hair miseries.

Directions: Apply on scalp skin, lather and rinse in 3-4 mins

Ingredients: Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Apigenin (Derived from Castor Oil & Parsley), Oleanolic Acid (Derived from Olives), Aloe Vera, Plant Derived Proteins, Biotin.

Volume: 200ml

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