Peel Me 10 Cream

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Description: Peel me 10 is a 10 % Glycolic acid in a cream form – the pH of the cream is kept balanced so it does not sting your skin. It helps in giving your skin a smooth and more youthful appearance. Glycolic acid gradually removes the dead skin cell layer – by gently exfoliating it unclogs the pores and helps in reducing acne as well. We also recommend using this for sun tan reduction and for management of pigmentation as well. It reduces acne spots and discoloration of the face. Peel me 10 unique formula helps in reducing darkness on knuckles toes, elbows and knees.

Directions: Apply pea-sized quantity on the affected area for 30 minutes in the first week, from second week onwards apply twice a day. Make sure to moisturize and use sun block always. From second week onwards use daily once at night and moisturise

Ingredients: Glycolic Acid Cream 10%

Volume: 30ml